One day Workshop on Virtual Demonstration of Animal Dissection using Software

The Department of Zoology, IIS University, Jaipur organized a one day Workshop on “Virtual Demonstration of Animal Dissection using software” on February 10th, 2017.

Recently the practice of dissection has come under increasingly critical scrutiny by UGC and educators are concerned about the sacrifice of animals for teaching purposes. Laboratory-based activities’, including dissection, is to be replaced in a phased manner with the acquisition of appropriate technology. Keeping this as an objective this workshop was organized to create awareness  and sensitization for animal suffering and death, it is important for teachers to be informed of alternatives to dissection and to employ them appropriately.

Eminent speaker Prof. K.K. Sharma (Former VC, MDS University, Ajmer) delivered a guest lecture on alternatives available to minimize  mass dissection of animals in the curriculum of higher education. Additionally, there was an onscreen demonstration of virtual softwares for the faculty members and students.

Head of the Zoology Department, Dr. Lata Shahani summed up the highlights of the workshop to the participants and proposed vote of thanks at the end.