Projects Name of the Project Name of funding agency Major/Minor Year of sanction Status
1 Assessment of Water quality of The IIS University, Jaipur IIS University, Jaipur University Student’s project 2015 Completed
2 Study on the effect of Aspartame an artificial sweetener on the liver parameters in the Swiss Albino Mice. The IIS  University Student Project 2015 Completed
3 Biochemical Evaluation Of Liver After Exposing Mice with Commercially Available  Chemical Used In Plastic ware IISU Student project 2014 Completed
4 Ecotoxicity Assessment of Cadmium on Earthworm (Eisenia fetida) ICG Student 2013 Completed
5 Ecotoxicity Assessment of fluoride on Earthworm (Eisenia fetida) ICG Student 2013 Completed
6 Histopathological study of Gonodotoxic effect of Bisphenol A –An Essential components of Plasticware on Swiss Albino Mice ICG Student 2013 Completed
7 Assessing data of female cancer patients through survey ICG Student 2013 Completed
8 Hormonal and DST Student 2012 Completed
changes induced in testis
of Swiss Albino male
mice after the
administration of food microwave (at 320º C for
10 minutes) for 4 weeks.
9 Studies of Toxicity in Pregnant Swiss Albino Mice exposed to Dicofol during organogenetics period of gestation ICG Student 2012 Completed
10 Behavioural studies in the new born of Swiss Albino Mice fed with Aqueous-Extract of Pan Masala ICG Student 2012 Completed
11 Studies on the Hepatotoxicity and Hematotoxicities of Nimesulide and Paracetamole in Swiss Albino Mice ICG Student 2012 Completed
12 Analysis of Water Quality served in the Dhabas of Mansarovar Area ICG Student 2012 Completed
13 Use of Bioassays for the Genotoxicity evaluation of treated waste water of hospitals of Jaipur ICG Student 2012 Completed
14 Biomonitoring of Hospital Effluents byAllium cepa L. Test ICG Minor 2012 Completed
15 Comparative Account of Induced Hepatotoxicity in Swiss Albino Male Mice fed with Food exposed to different temperatures in microwave oven ICG Minor 2012 Completed
16 Development of water treatment bioreactor using immobilized  Bacteria for Arsenic Contaminated Water ICG Minor 2012 Completed
17 Study of heavy metal toxicity found in an ayurvedic medicine and its hematological and hepatotoxic effect on Swiss albino mice-In collaboration with department of Chemistry ICG Minor 2012 Completed
18 Microwave cooked food induced hepatotoxicity in Swiss Albino Male Mice. ICG Student Sept.2011 Completed
19 Effect of Synthetic Pyrethroid on biochemical parameters of  Liver  and Serum of Swiss Albino mice. ICG Student Sept.2011 Completed
20 A study of the morphological and biochemical parameters in Chick embryo exposed to Dicofol –an Organochlocine Pesticide ICG Student Sept.2011 Completed
21 Development of avian model for the screening of Xenobiotics for their Teratogenic potential UGC  Minor 2010 Completed
22 Effect of Synthetic Pyrethroid Cyfluthrin, a household insecticide, on Liver of Swiss Albino mice. UGC  Minor 2010 Completed
23 Effect of microwave cooked food on the reproductive and cytogenetic patterns of  male Swiss albino mice ICG  Minor Nov. 2010 Completed
24 Effect of Cyfluthrin on the reproductive organs of male Swiss Albino mice ICG Student Nov. 2010 Completed
25 Effect of microwave cooked food on the reproductive patterns of  male Swiss albino mice ICG Student Nov. 2010 Completed
26 Isolation of arsenite oxidizing bacteria from soil and purification of the oxidizing enzymes DRDE Major Sanctioned Nov.2009 Completed
27 Impact of life style factors on the human fertility pattern DST(Govt. of Rajasthan) Student’s Project 2008 Completed