Research Areas

S. No. Name of the Faculty Research Area
1 Dr. Pradeep Bhatnagar Toxicology, Environmental Microbiology
2 Dr. Priyanka Mathur

Environmental Science,Toxicology,Reproductive Biology, Endocrinology

3 Dr. Lata Shahani Developmental Toxicology,Toxicology, Cell and Molecular Biology
4 Dr Geeta Pandey Reproductive Biology, Toxicology and Biochemistry.
5 Dr Anju Sharma Toxicology, Environmental Sciences, Behavioural Neuroscience, Neuropeptides and Neural circuit
6 Dr Garima Sharma Fish Biology, Environmental Sciences, Invertebrates, Immunology, Physiology, Genetics, Applied Biology.
7 Dr Neelu Kanwar Rajawat Toxicology
8 Dr. Sanjoli Mobar Bioremediation and Cell Biology
9. Dr Keerti Gautam Biochemistry and Physiology


Ongoing Research Topics:

1 Ms. Vidhi Kumawat  under the supervision of Dr. Priyanka Mathur.

2. Ms. Krishna:  Study of the effect of nanoparticles used in Cosmetics on general health in mice

3. Mr. Krishnakant Kant Lawania:  Studies on the Biodiversity and Ecology of Spider Fauna of Keoladeo National Park with Special Reference to Web Patterns and Architecture under the supervision of Dr. M.M Trigunayat.

4. Ms. Sneha Saxena Protective effect of Quinoa and Broccoli against continuous use of antidepressant drugs in Swiss albino mice under the supervision of Dr Lata Shahani.

5. Ms. Nisha Rathore : Neurotoxic effect of fluoride, aluminum and in combination in swiss albino mice

6. Ms. Trishna Patel under the supervision of Dr. Lata Shahani