An Educational trip to Nahargarh Biological Park, Jaipur

On 4th October 2019, during wildlife week, the Department of Zoology organized an educational trip for students to Nahargarh Biological Park, Kukas and enriched their knowledge about faunal as well as floral diversity. The visit to the park was an enlightening effort to make the students learn in the lap of Mother Nature. The students of BSc and MSc were able to visualize different fauna and their behavioural interactions. The park is an abode for tiger, lions, leopards, wolves, fox, jackals, hyenas, black bear, spotted deer, black buck, sambhar deer, Indian gazelle, hog deer, emu, alligators, crocodiles, porcupines, wild boar, langurs and a cascade of butterflies which included plain tiger, lemon pansy, common rose, lime, blue pansy, peacock pansy, common jejebel, white orange tip, pioneer, oriental glass jewel, common yellow, indian palm bob and rounded pierrot. The park also contained numerous species of birds which included rufoustreepie, peacock, kingfisher, tailor bird, babbler, bee eaters, indian roller, parakeet, pigeon, laughing dove, red wattled lapwing, drongo, robin, bulbul, and humming bird etc. The students were also enlightened by the NGO-RAKSHA about the importance of venomous and non-venomous snakes.  The trip was an effort to make students aware about wildlife rehabilitation and its protection. Students understood the importance of forest conservation and the role of community in preserving them.