In-house workshop organized by research scholars of Zoology Discipline

An in-house workshop was organized by the Department of Zoology on 26th April, 2022. In this workshop, research scholars Tejinder Kaur, Kusum Rani and Hansa Gupta imparted their knowledge of different techniques as per their expertise to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. Hansa Gupta gave an introduction of the estrous cycle, its phases and explained to the students how they can take vaginal smear and identify the different phases of estrous cycle. Tejinder Kaur gave a detailed explanation of chick embryo development and methods to study teratologic effects in chick embryos by different methods. Kusum Rani explained the significance of various sperm parameters in evaluating male fertility. She made students aware about the techniques which can be used for evaluating sperm count, motility, viability etc. The workshop was found to be fruitful for the students as they became well versed with all the techniques.