Webinar on "Importance of Mental health in Women during the pandemic"

Start Date: 
Monday, 12 October 2020
Start Time: 
10:00 am
Microsoft teams

The department of Zoology organized a webinar on "Importance of Mental health in Women during the pandemic" on 12th October 2020, at 11: am. The speaker of the webinar Dr. Anil Kumawat (M.D Psychiatry, Former psychiatrist SMS Medical Hospital)  shared his knowledge and expertise with the participants using Google meet platform. The webinar was attended by UG (Pass course and Honours), PG students, Research Scholars and Faculty members of the Zoology Department.

The webinar was organized on the occasion of World mental health day which is celebrated on 10th October and as a part of World mental health week (4th-10th October). The speaker emphasised the factors influencing the mental health of Women during the pandemic. Gender discrimination, stress, hormonal disbalance, overburden responsibilities, social distancing etc. were some factors elaborated by the speaker. The symptoms of mental stress like depression, lack of interest, fatigue were brought forward by the expert. Different measures were suggested which could help females to combat the situations of mental stress.

Participants actively participated and discussed their queries. Participants discussed their personal experiences and problems related to the pandemic situation which were professionally dealt by the speaker.

The webinar was very beneficial for students and teachers in understanding the different situation encountered by the people. It will encourage the females to maintain mental well being using the measures suggested in the lecture.