UG Departmental Orientation Session: 2023-24

Department of Zoology organized an Orientation programme for B.Sc. (P) and B.Sc. (H) Semester I students on 9th  August, 2023.

The students and all staff members gathered at D-301 (1:45 pm). Head (Department of Zoology) Dr. Lata Shahani first welcomed all the students and then introduced all the faculty members of the department.

A small PPT presentation covering the time-table, credit-template, scheme of examination, paper titles, do’s and dont’s achievers of department was shown to the students.

Students actively participated in the activities organized by B.Sc. (H) Semester V students. A small quiz containing questions related to Zoology as well as general questions were asked. Dumb shared and a song was also sung by Prachi (B.Sc. (H) Semester V) student.

The students of semester I then sung two group songs and all students at the end filled the feedback form circulated to them.