Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

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ZOL 223
Unit I: 

DNA Replication

  • Prokaryotic & eukaryotic DNA replication
  • Mechanics of DNA replication
  • Enzymes and accessory proteins involved in DNA replication
  • DNA Repair mechanism
Unit II: 


  • Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic  transcription
  • RNA polymerases
  • General and specific transcription factors

Post transcriptional modification in RNA

  • 5’ cap formation
  • Transcription termination
  • 3’ end processing and polyadenylation
  • Splicing
  • Nuclear export of mRNA
  • mRNA stability
Unit III: 


  • Genetic code
  • Prokaryotic and eukaryotic translation
  • Translational machinery
  • Mechanisms of  Initiation, Elongation and termination
  • Regulation of Translation
  • Co and post translational modifications of protein


Homologous recomibation: Holiday junction,

Site FLP/ FRT and Cre/lox recombination

Rec A and other recombinases

Gene targeting, Gene disruption



Unit IV: 

Molecular mapping of Genome

  • Genetic and physical maps
  • Southern and fluorescence in situ hybridization for genome analysis
  • Molecular markers in genome analysis: RFLP,RAPD and AFLP analysis


Unit V: 

Principle and technique of genetic engineering

·         Cutting and joining of DNA molecules

·         Cloning strategies, gene library and cDNA

·         Application of recombinant DNA technology

o   Recombination selection and screening

o   Nucleic acid probes and their application

Transgenic animals and knock outs    

Essential Readings: 
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