Department of Zoology organized an intradepartmental laboratory visit on 17th August, 2023, for the PhD scholars and M.Sc. students for make students aware about the instruments present in the University. In this visit students learnt the working and applications of all the sophisticated instruments present in the various departments of Sciences like Department of Zoology, Botany, Environmental sciences, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Physics, Home Science. Students were very enthusiastic  in the working of PCR Machine and its uses in molecular techniques,   CO2 incubator for cell culture, Spectrophotometer, Cold centrifuge machine, Gel doc system in research lab; Fibre plus for fibre estimation in food items, Kel Plus for protein estimation in home science Department. Rain water and Gauge system and PM 1 particulate sampler, Air sampler were very useful instruments of Environmental Science Department to detect air quality. Students were very happy by observing direct application of these instruments in daily life. In physics Department   thermal vacuum Evaporation system was very useful and amazing. In conclusion it was very fruitful visit for the students. Students came to know about the use of various apparatus which they can use in their research purposes.