Paper Code: 
ZOL 124
Unit I: 


  • Classification and nomenclature of enzymes
  • Mechanism of enzyme action
  • Enzyme kinetics
  • Inhibition of enzyme
  • Isoenzymes and co-enzymes

Energy consideration

  • Biological oxidation and reduction
  • Fundamental reactions of biological oxidation
  • Redox potential and electron transfer system enzymes
Unit II: 


  • Definition , general properties, classification and configuration of carbohydrates


  • Catabolism of glycogen and glucose, details of glycolysis , Krebs cycle and Cori’s cycle
  • Phosphogluconate pathways(pentose phosphate pathway)

Synthesis of glycogen; glycogenesis and gluconeogenesis
Inborn errors of metabolism

Unit III: 


  • Definition, general properties and classification
  • Structure and importance of -:
  1. Simple lipids- fats and wax
  2. Compound lipids- phospholipids, glycolipids, aminolipids and sulpholipids
  3. Steroids- cholesterol, bile acids, steroid hormones
  4. Lipoproteins

Lipid Metabolism- Beta oxidation and Lipogenesis.
Inborn errors of metabolism

Unit IV: 

General properties and classification of proteins

  • Amino acid structure and classification
  • Structure of protein-Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quartenary
  • Ramachandran plots
  • Globular and fibrous protein- motif in globular proteins
  • Protein sequencing
Unit V: 

Protein metabolism

  • Amino acid degradation:Deamination reaction- Oxidative and non oxidative deamination reaction, transamination and transdeamination, Decarboxylation, Ornithine cycle of urea formation , Fate of carbon skeleton of amino acids(Metabolism of individual amino acid excluded)

Inborn errors of metabolism

Essential Readings: 
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