Guest lecture on “Philosophy and Physiology of pineal gland and melatonin”


Webinar on "Importance of Mental health in Women during the pandemic" 

View report 12th October 2020

Introduction to Innovative Zoology Software 

View report 7 February 2020


View report 3rd   January 2020.

Guest Lecture on Research aptitude 

View report

18 October 2019


Quiz competition on immunology  

View Report 18 September 2019

Guest lecture on “Writing a good research paper”  

View report 25 September 2018

Report for PPT bridge course

View report 17 September 2018

An Educational trip to Nahargarh Biological Park, Jaipur

View report 4  October 2018

Poster presentation competition on concepts of immunology 

View report 9 October 2018

Students went for a workshop on Foldscope Microscopy  

View report 29 October 2018

Students went for a workshop on “Insect Identification & Preservation Techniques”

View report 15 October 2019

An Educational trip to Nahargarh Biological Park, Jaipur 

View report 4 October 2019

Guest Lecture on “Mechanism of action of Pharma drugs”

View report 5 December 2018

Study tour to Keoladeo Bharatpur National Park 

View Report 20 January 2018

Power point presentation by students on molecular techniques 

View report 26 August 2018







Workshop on “Virtual Demonstration of Animal Dissection using software




View Report



10 february 2017





1. Guest lecture on “Philosophy and Physiology of pineal gland and melatonin” View report 29 January 2019
2. lecture on animal learning and behaviour View Report 20 february 2017
3. Quiz competition for BSC Honours view Report 28 february 2017
4. lecture on Thesis and Reference Managerial System



16 March 2017
5. Awareness lecture on Dengue and Chikungunya View Report 26 September 2016
6. Educational trip to Nahargarh Biological Park View Report 22 September 2016
7. Prof. Sant Prakash, Professor ,Dayal Bagh University, Agra View Report 29  August 2016
8. Awareness on Organ donation on World Organ Donation Day View Report 12 August 2016
9. Report :National conference on “Mobile Phones & Electromagnetic Pollution Hazards: Challenges and Solutions” View Report 20-21 December 2013
10 Guest Lecture on Art of Research Paper writing View Report 24 October 2013
11. Second Ph.D Viva View Report October 19, 2013
12. First Ph.D Viva View Report


October 15 2013


13. Guest Lecture: Histochemistry and Immunocytochemistry View Report 9 February 2013
14. Zoology Extempore

View Report


18 August 2012
15. VISIT TO MEHSANA View Report  

a) Conferences /Workshop/Seminar /Symposium:


Name of the activity

1. National Conference on Reproductive Health Challenges:Issues and Remedies 11-13 September 2015 View Report
2. National conference on “Mobile Phones & Electromagnetic Pollution Hazards: Challenges and Solutions” 20-21 December 2013 View Report
3. Workshop on Practical exercises on Biodiversity. 19 October 2013 View Report
4. Workshop on AMES test By Dr. Preeti Gupta 3rd to 9th  March 2012  
5. XXXI Annual Conference of the Society of Toxicology, (STOX) India and Symposium on Current Trends in Environmental Toxicology, 2011. 23-25 December,2011  
6. Workshop: Chick Emryology- embryo  Mounting Dr. Neera Mathur 16 August 2010  
7. Workshop:Thin Layer Chromatography Dr.P.J. John 23 August2010  
8. Recent trends in Environmental Toxicology and Biotechnological Approach to Conserve
19-21 November,2009  
9. National workshop cum Symposium on “Potential Alternatives to dissection and animal experimentation in Zoology and Practical curriculum. 30-31 Jan,2009  
10. National Conference on Application of Biotechnology in Sustaining the Environment. 5-6 February,2008  
11. International Workshop on Radiation Bystander Effects and their Implications in Cancer Research 9 November, 2008  


b) Guest Lectures:


Name of the activity

Guest Lecture by Prof. Ravi Prakash  View Report 29th  August 2016
2. Guest Lecture : Aquaculture and its prospects by Dr. Puneet Saraswat   12 March 2016
3. Guest Lecture: Histology lessons by Prof. Sangeeta Chauhan   27 February 2016
4. Intearctive session on Research opportunities at UG and PG level by Prof. M.C. Arunan   19 October 2015
6. Guest Lecture: Brain and Behaviour by Prof. Reena Mathur   22 Feb 2011
7. Guest Lecture:RELPs by Dr.Ravi Prakash   26 October 2010
8. Guest Lecture: Wildlife toxicology by Prof. P.P.Bakre   17 Nov.2009
9. Guest Lecture:  Job Prospects in Animal Science and Biotechnology-Dr. Anuj Saxena   28 October 2009
10. Guest Lecture:  Forensic Toxicology . Dr. G. K. Mathur   27 January 2009
11. Guest Lecture:  Integrating Environmental hygiene with personal hygiene –A way to good health –Dr.A.B.Gupta   14 August 2008
12. Guest Lecture: Analytical techniques by Prof. K.K. Sharma   31 July 2008

Guest Lecture by Prof.S.J.S Flora

View Report 19 April 2008
14. Guest Lecture: Karyotyping Prof. Sant Prakash   3 January 2008
15. Guest Lecture:  Concepts of Immunology” Prof Ashok Kumar View Report 27th September2007.

Guest Lecture:  Sonoinformatics and Biodiversity monitoring by Prof. K.K.Sharma

View Report 8th August 2007.

Guest Lecture on Sethusamudram shipping canal project

View Report 10 April 2007
18. Guest Lecture :Techniques in Radiation Biology by Dr.Arun Choghule   28 March 2007



1. Visit to TiNai Eco Film Festival held at Dr.K.N. Modi University Newai 18-Mar-2016 PG and UG students
2. Educational trip to Bharatpur National Park 19-Jan-2016 PG and UG students
3. Visit to Kewalramani Hatcheries, Ajmer 2-Feb-2015 UG and PG students
4. International Conference on Microbial, Plant and Animal research organized by Mody Institute of Ttechnology and Science , Laxmangarh, Sikar 29th -31st March, 2012 M.Sc  Students
5. International Conference on Microbial Biotechnology for Sustainable Developments. 1st – 3rd December 2011 Ph.D students
6. National Conference on AIDS:  Current Scenario and future challenges at University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. 1st – 3rd December 2011 Ph.D students


 52nd Annual Conference of Association of Microbiologists of India (AMI-2011) at Panjab University, Chandigarh, India 3-6 Nov 2011  PG  students and Research Scholars
8. Tour to Agra and Bharatpur Bird Sanctury Dec-2010 Microbiology , Botany and Environmental Sciences Students
9. 30th annual conference of STOX organized by STOX and Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi. 9-11 December, 2010 PG and UG Students
10. Trip to G.B.Pant  Institute and Jim Corbett National Park 19th and 20th January 2010 UG Students
11. 30th Annual Conference of STOX organized by STOX and Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi. 19th and 20th January 2010 PG and UG  Zoology Students
12. National Seminar on Frontiers of BioSciences’ organized by Suresh Gyan Vihar University,Jagatpura, Jaipur January,2010 UG and PG students
13. Single Day Visit to Sariska Sanctuary 26-March-2009 PG and UG Zoology ,Biotechnology Students
14. Science exhibition on Human genome and beyond at Science Park, Jaipur 14-February-2009 M.Sc Students of Life Sciences
15. Trip to waste water treatment plant, Pratap nagar, Jaipur 15-16th Dec, 2008 Ph.D scholars
16. International conference on Molecular Mechanism of Diseases organized by DRDE, Gwalior Sep-2008 UG Students
17. Saras Dairy Visit Oct-2007 UG and PG Students
18. Zoo Visit Oct-2007 UG and PG Students
19. Visit to Animal Husbandry Department Aug-2006 PG Students


d) Competitions organized:

S.No.         Type of Competition   Date Target Group A BRIEF REPORT
1. Collage making competition 30-3-2016 UG  
2. Quiz Competition 20-2-2016 UG and PG  
3. Treasure Hunt 16-2-12 Under Graduate  
4. Paper presentation competition 22-03-12 Past  Graduate Student  
5 Quiz On World Water Day 22-3-12 Under Graduate  
6 Model making competition 20-03-12 Under Graduate  

Poster competition


04-10-11 Under Graduate View Report