Slogan Writing Competition and Guest Lecture on World Organ Donation Day

To create awareness on Organ donation on World Organ Donation Day, Department of Zoology, The IIS University organized a guest lecture and slogan writing competition on 12 August 2016 from 9.30-10.30 in Srijan hall. Eminent speaker and social activist Dr. Anita Hada delivered a talk on the facts and myths about organ donation. Dr. Hada is associated with Mohan Foundation Jaipur, a NGO who volunteer people for organ donation.  Organ donation is a noble act which can save thousands of lives every year. In organ donation one person is donor the other is recipient. There are two types of organ donors first live donors and second deceased donor. A live donor donates blood, bone marrow, skin, liver, kidney, and pancreas on the contrary a deceased donor is one who donates organ after death (either cardiac death or brain death). In both cases person can donate skin, heart, cornea, liver, kidney, pancreas and lungs with the consent from his family members. The organ donation is a voluntary act, done with proper legal procedure and is free of cost. A donor can be a neonate to 96 year old person.

The availability of donor is shared on a portal Rajasthan network of organ sharing. The matching between donor and recipient is done by blood grouping, HLA testing and other assays. After a match is found the transplant is done under medical supervision. Mohan Foundation has enlightened lives of many recipients who suffer from organ failure, accidents and other chronic diseases. The donor spreads the happiness even after his/her departure from this mortal world.   Dr. Hada’s lecture was an eye opener for the ignorance which the audience had about organ donation. The lecture enlightened youngsters and spread the awareness for a noble cause of organ donation. Dr. Hada rightly quoted in her lecture “Ek kamoshi anek muskaan aao karein angdaan”. 

After the lecture students wrote slogans on organ donation and best slogans was picked by the jury and the pledge to spread the awareness among people especially youth who are still unaware about the pious cause of organ donation is partly fulfilled. In this mortal life we can make others smile through organ donation which is also reflected in one of the slogan writing which read ‘Souls go to heaven not the body donate the organs to help the needy’.