Report :National conference on “Mobile Phones & Electromagnetic Pollution Hazards: Challenges and Solutions”

In recent year, the magnitude of EMR coming out from devices like mobile phones and towers has immensely increased. It has not only created unprecedented environmental pollution but has also accelerated health hazards. Realizing an urgent need to evolve reasonable standards, rules and regulations for the proper use of radiofrequencies for telecom operation a National conference on “Mobile Phones & Electromagnetic Pollution Hazards: Challenges and Solutions” was organized on 20-21 December 2013 by Department of Zoology, The IIS University, Jaipur in collaboration with Indo Global Health Care Research Foundation (IGHCRF), India, to provide platform for scientists, students and social activities from various parts of India to debate on this important issue and create awareness in the public.

The conference was formally inaugurated by lighting lamp and offering prayers to the Almighty. A formal welcome to all the Resource persons, delegates and student participants was extended by Dr. Ashok Gupta, Vice Chancellor of the host institution the IIS University. This was followed by inaugural note by the Chief Guest Dr. R.B. Panwar Vice Chancellor, Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, Jaipur.

Prof. P.K.Goyal, President of Global Health Care Research Foundation (IGHCRF) in his address acquainted the audience with the aims and objectives of the conference and IGHCRF as well. On this occasion Dr. R.S. Sharma Deputy Director General ICMR, New Delhi was the Guest of Honour. In the end a formal vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. Pradeep Bhatnagar.

Inaugural session was followed by five technical sessions spread over two days and chaired by luminaries from the field of Physics, Biosciences, Radiation Biology, Engineering Sciences, Medical Sciences and other allied sciences. Some of the esteemed Chairpersons were      Prof. P.L. Nawalkha, Prof. P.P Bakre, Dr. Vijay Janyani,     Prof. Prabha Dashora, Prof.S.K. Agarwal ,Prof. P. K Goyal, Dr. Priyanka Mathur  to name a few.

The session saw presentations by eminent scientists and researchers who had come from all over the country to express their views and share their research experiences, such as

 Prof.   Girish Kumar, IIT Mumbai;

 Prof. Deepak Bhatnagar, Department of Physics UOR, Jaipur

 Dr. Mohammad Salim, EC Engineering, MNIT, Jaipur

Prof. Arun Chougule, Head, Department of Radiation Physics, SMS Medical College

Prof. Rashmi Sisodia, Department of Zoology UOR, Jaipur

Prof. Y.K.Vijay , Department of Physics UOR, Jaipur

Mr. Sunil Kumar, Telecom Consultant, Vadodara

Dr. O.S. Lamba, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR, Pilani

Dr. Durga Dutt Ozha, Senior Scientist, Ground Water Development, Jodhpur

Dr. Ravi Chilkulwar, Radiation Physics and Advisory Division, BARC, Mumbai

Prof. Sneh Anand, Professor, Centre for Biomedical Engineering IIT, New Delhi

Dr. Pradeep Narayan, Defense Laboratory, Jodhpur

Dr. Y.K. Sharma , Centre for Development of Physics Education, Jaipur

 Dr. K.S.Sharma, Department of Physics The IISU, Jaipur


The proceedings of the conference covered a wide spectrum of topics which touched upon various dimensions of the core issue at hand.

Besides the technical session, other venues through which the young scientists drawn from various parts of country shared the findings and experience of the research endeavor were poster and oral presentations.

The first day concluded with the vibrant cultural programme prepared by the students of the IIS University. It was nice break, after prolonged academic session which went on throughout the day. Second day concluded with report presentation by Dr. Priyanka Mathur  followed by  award giving ceremony and vote of thanks.

The conference thus brought together a galaxy of experts to deliberate on important issues, so as to create awareness in public to find out safety routes. The conference thus proved to be an enriching experience for all the participants and delegates.