Out of the Box Thinking Opportunities to Young Student Entrepreneurs


An online webinar on “Out of the Box Thinking Opportunities to Young Student Entrepreneurs” was organized on Zoom platform by Department of Zoology on        18 September 2021 for UG (P), (Hons.) and PG students of Science stream. Total number of participants were around 78.

The talk was given by Dr. J. M. S. Murthy, Manager, Entrepreneurship and Career Hub (ECH), University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. Dr. Murthy first introduced the members of ECH team. He told the students about the prospects of being entrepreneur and highlighted by giving examples that out of box thinking leads to innovations. If the student think differently and with their ideas can start their own startup, leaving besides self-doubts.

He also gave an insight to the student to think in a different way and become successful entrepreneur and also explained the various stages of becoming entrepreneurship.

Dr. Murthy also guided students how to apply for patents and gave an idea of various schemes in which students can apply. He also ensured students to help them to become entrepreneurs if they come up with their innovative ideas. In the end Dr. Lata Shahani, Head, Department of Zoology thanked Dr. Murthy for his valuable talk.