Structure and Function of Invertebrates

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ZOL 123
Unit I: 

Basis of classification (brief account)-:

  • Symmetry, coelom, segmentation, embryogeny and level of organization


  • Flagellar and ciliary movement in protozoa
  • Hydrostatic movement in Coelenterate, Annelida and Echinodermata
Unit II: 

Nutrition and digestion

  • Filter feeding in Polychaeta, Mollusca and Echinodermata


  • Organs of respiration – gills, lungs and trachea
  • Respiratory pigments
  • Mechanism of respiration
Unit III: 


  • Organs of excretion: coelom, coelomoducts, nephridia and Malphigian tubules
  • Mechanism of excretion
  • Excretion and osmoregulation

Trends in Neural Evolution

  • Primitive nervous system -Coelenterata and Echinodermata
  • Advanced nervous system- Annelida, Arthropoda (Crustacean and Insecta)and Mollusca (Cephalopoda)


Unit IV: 

Invertebrate larvae

  • Larval forms of free living invertebrates
  • Larval forms of parasites
  • Significance of larval forms


Unit V: 

Minor Phyla (Ctenophora,Rhyncocoela,Entoprocta,Rotifera,Bryozoa,Phoronida)

  • Concept and significance
  • Organization and general characters
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