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ZOL 324



  Specimen study

Class- Ascidiaceae

 Herdmania, Botryllus, Pyrosoma, Doliolum, Salpa, Oikopleura


Class- Pisces


Echeneis,Diodon,Triacanthus, Trichurius, Mastacembalus






Class- Reptilia

Chelone,Phyronosoma,Chameleon,Draco,   Naja,   Bungarus,   Viper,    Alligator   


Class- Aves

-Koel(male & female),Indian tailor bird, Kite,Jungle Fowl, Peacock,Emu,Ostrich,Penguin,Great Indian Bustard,    Siberian Crane,   Archeopteryx


Class- Mammalia

Loris, Indian Otter, Bat, Pangolin, Ornithorhyncus, Kangaroo,

Whale (any aquatic mammal),Rhesus monkey, Chinkara, Lion






Pectoral & pelvic girdle

Limb bones



Scoliodon( Demonstration Only)-

·         Afferent, Efferent  Blood vessels

·         Eye muscles

·         Internal ears

·         Cranial nerves

Rat/ Mice-

  • Arterial System
  • Venous System
  • Digestive System
  • Endocrine System
  • Reproductive system


Computer Applications

Ø  Exercise Related to Ms-Word.

Ø  Exercise Related to Ms-PowerPoint

Ø  Exercise Related to Ms-Excel

Ø  Exercise Related to DOS

Ø  Exercise Related to Unix

Ø  Exercise Related to Multimedia

Ø  Exercise Related to Web Access

Ø  Exercise Related to HTML

Ø  Exercise Related to HTTP


Quantitative Biology

Ø Preparation of frequency tables and graphs manually and with help of computers.

Ø  Calculation of standard deviation, variance and standard error of the mean.

Ø  Calculation of Probability and significance between means using t-test and ANOVA test.

Ø  Chi square test for independence of attributes

Ø  Coefficient correlation and regression.



(As per the theory paper)

Essential Readings: 
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  2. Colbert’s evolution of the vertebrates; Colbert E.H; John Willey and Sons.
  3. Modern text book of Zoology-Vertebrates; Kotpal R. L.; Rastogi Publications.
  4. Molecular Modeling for Beginners - by Alan Hinchliffe
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