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ZOL 515
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Course objectives:

This course will enable the students to -

  1. Understand principle and working of various instruments in biotechnology laboratory
  2. Preparation of culture media for microbes
  3. Culture bacteria from various samples like soil, food, water etc
  4. Perform ELISA and ouchterlony double diffusion
  5. Analysis of blood groups

Course Outcomes (COs):


Learning outcomes

(at course level)

Learning and teaching strategies



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Students will be able

CO 97: To understand principle and working of various instruments in biotechnology laboratory

CO 98: To prepare and culture media for microbes

CO 99: To culture bacteria from various samples like soil, food, water etc.

CO 100: To perform ELISA and ouchterlony double diffusion

CO 101: To analyze blood groups

The approach in teaching:

Interactive Lectures, Discussion, Tutorials, Reading assignments, Demonstration,

Learning activities for the students:

Self- learning assignments, Effective questions, Simulation, Seminar presentation, Giving tasks, Practical skills and laboratory reports,


Class test

Semester end examinations

Viva voce




Principle and working of equipments used in biotechnology laboratory(SDS-PAGE apparatus, horizontal DNA Electrophoresis chamber, Laminar Airflow, Autoclave, Incubator, pH meter, Homogenizer, Ascending and Descending Chromatographic chamber, Thin Layer Chromatographic Apparatus, Microtome)

Preparation and use culture media for microbes
Study of microbes in food material(curd, milk, rotten fruits and vegetables)
Educational tour to any Microbiology lab (Food processing factory, Distillery, Dairy etc.) Candidates will have to submit a report on it.
Culturing of Bacteria from soil/water samples.
Quality testing of milk
Disc diffusion assay
Spread plate and Streak Plate


Experiments on Antigen and Antibody reaction.
Blood typing
Ouchterlony double diffusion

Essential Readings: 


  • Practical Biochemistry: Principles and Techniques; Keith Wilson& John Walker; Cambridge University Press.
  • Microbiology, A laboratory manual by Cappuccino, James,G.




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