Paper Code: 
ZOL 503

Biotechnology and Microbiology:


  • Principle and working of equipments used in biotechnology laboratory (SDS-PAGE apparatus, horizontal DNA Electrophoresis chamber, Laminar Airflow, Autoclave, Incubator, pH meter, Homogenizer, Ascending and Descending Chromatographic chamber, Thin Layer Chromatographic Apparatus, Microtome)
  • Preparation and use culture media for microbes
  • Study of microbes in food material (curd, milk, rotten fruits and vegetables)
  • Educational tour to any Microbiology lab (Food processing factory, Distillery, Dairy etc.) Candidates will have to submit a report on it.
  • Culturing of Bacteria from soil/water samples.




Experiments on Antigen and Antibody reaction.

  • Blood typing
  • Ouchterlony double diffusion
Essential Readings: 
  1. Practical Biochemistry:Principles &Techniques; Keith Wilson& John Walker;Cambridge University Press.
  2. Microbiology, A laboratory manual by Cappucino,James,G.
  3. Practical Exercises in Cytology, Genetics, Plant Breeding and Biostatistics. Raghuvanshi.
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