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ZOL 403
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  • Haematology
  • Estimation of Haemoglobin in the blood sample
  • Estimation of Haematocrit in the blood sample
  • Counting of Red & White blood  cells in blood sample
  • To study the Bleeding Time & Clotting time of blood
  • Determination of Blood Pressure.
    • Dissection to expose the endocrine glands of mice(Demonstration)
    • Study of Estrous cycle of mice by vaginal smear preparation
    • Histology of Tissues of Mammals: T.S of –Liver, intestine, stomach, testis, ovary, lung, kidney, pancreas, skin, adrenal, thyroid

Developmental Biology

Live gametes under microscope (Sperm motility, Sperm structure, Sperm count & their staining techniques)

 Developmental stages of Frog

Metamorphic stage of Frog

Living Chick embryos( 18-21 hours, 24-28 hours, 30-36 hours, 42-48 hours, 72 &96 hours)

Window preparation in egg of Hen

Whole mount of Chick embryo stage(Demonstration)

Essential Readings: 

Suggested Reading:

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  • Practical Zoology, Vertebrates, Lal, S.S. Rastogi Publications, Merrut.
  • Carlson, R. F. Patten's Foundations of Embryology.
  • Biology of Animals. C.P. Hickmann,  L.S. Roberts and A. Larson. Mc Graw Hill Company, New York.
  • Practical Zoology, Jacob, D., Bhatia,A.L., Kohli,K.S., Vyas,D.K. Ramesh Book Depot, New Delhi.
  • A manual of practical zoology: chordates. P.S.Verma. S Chand publishers.


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