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ZOL 615
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Ethology- General behaviour of  Tribolium(Food preference, light Response)

General behaviour of Earthworm, learning in mice.

To be given as Project

  • Paramecium and Ant behaviour
  • General behaviour of commonly found animals (Locust, Passer, Koel, Pigeon, Humming bird, Peacock, Weaver bird, Squirrel, Dog, Deer, Monkey)

Evolution- To be given as Project

  • Adaptive modification in feet and beak in birds
  • Analogy and Homology
  • Serial homology

Environmental Pollution and Conservation& Ecology   

  • Water Evaluation Analysis: total hardness, total solid, BOD, Acidity, Alkalinity, Free Co2,Dissolved oxygen,Chlorine
  • Soil Analysis: Organic matter, Bulk density,Water holding capacity, moisture in soil.
  • Leaf area index, Dust holding capacity of leaves

Preparation of Report: Sanctuary/National Park.

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