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ZOL 415
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Physiology and Endocrinology

  • Haematology
  • Estimation of Haemoglobin in the blood sample
  • Estimation of Haematocrit in the blood sample
  • Counting of Red & White blood  cells in blood sample
  • To study the Bleeding Time & Clotting time of blood
  • Determination of Blood Pressure.
    • Dissection to expose the endocrine glands of mice(Demonstration)
    • Study of Estrous cycle of mice by vaginal smear preparation
    • Histology of Tissues of Mammals: T.S of –Liver, intestine, stomach, testis, ovary, lung, kidney, pancreas, skin, adrenal, thyroid


Developmental Biology

Live gametes under microscope (Sperm motility, Sperm structure, Sperm count & their staining techniques)

 Developmental stages of Frog

Metamorphic stage of Frog

Living Chick embryos( 18-21 hours, 24-28 hours, 30-36 hours, 42-48 hours, 72 &96 hours)

Window preparation in egg of Hen

Whole mount of Chick embryo stage (Demonstration)

Applied  Biology

Mouth parts of ant and mosquito (male and female)

Colony organization and life cycle of termite

Identification of the parasites:

Wuchereria (Male/ female), Drancunculus, Taenia, Schistosoma.

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