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ZOL 215
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Biochemistry II

  • Colorimetric/Spectrophotometric estimation of :
  • Carbohydrate-Glucose
  • Preparation of Phosphate buffer
  • Isolation of protein (casein) from milk
  • Study of temperature effect on enzyme action: Salivary amylase


Animal Diversity III

Study of museum specimens and slides:


Phylum  Annelida-Nereis, Heteronereis-parapodia, Earthworm, Leech

Dissection (Demonstration): Earthworm- Anatomy, Digestive, Nervous System

Permanent mount: Septal nephridia, Ovary,Nerve ring.


Phylum Arthropoda: Daphnia, Cyclops, Scorpion, King Crab, Crab, Eupagurus, Balanus, Millipede, Termite, Centipede, Praying-mantis, Peripatus

Dissection: (Demonstration): Prawn-General anatomy, Appendages, Nervous & Digestive system

Permanent mount: Hastate plate, Statocyst


Phylum-Mollusca:  Chiton, Unio, Dentalium, Nautilus, Loligo, Octopus, Sepia


Larval forms- Miracidium, Sporocyst, Redia, Cercaria, Cysticercus larva, Nauplius,Zoea,Mysis,cypris,Megalopa.

Phylum Echinodermata: Echinus, Starfish, Cucumaria, Antedon


Molecular Biology:

  •  DNA isolation and separation by Agarose gel method
  • Vertical and horizontal electrophoresis unit (demonstration only)
  • Paper chromatographic separation of amino acids


Genetics & Biostatitics

  • Study of Drosophila life cycle & idea about its culture
  • Identification of Male & Female Drosophila
  • Identification of Wild & mutant (Yellow body, Ebony, Vestigial wings, White eye) of  Drosophila
  • Study of permanent prepared slide - Sex comb, Salivary gland chromosomes
  • Identification of Blood groups (A,B, O & Rh factor)
  • Preparation of frequency tables and graphs manually and with help of computers.
  • Calculation of Mean, Median, Mode.
  • Calculation of standard deviation, variance and standard error of the mean.
  • Chi square test for independence of attributes, t test
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