Molecular Biology & Genetics II

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ZOL 202
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Unit I: 
  • Chromosomes: Morphology, Chromonema, Chromomeres, telomeres, Primary & secondary constrictions, Chromatids
  • Chromosome type- Polytene & Lampbrush
  • Chromosomal Organization: euchromatin, Heterochromatin ,  nucleosome concept


Unit II: 
  • DNA structure(A, B, Z type)
  • Experiments of Messelson & Stahl
  • Replication(Semi-conservative mechanism) of prokaryotes with reference to polymerases
  • Topoisomerases, Single stranded binding protein, Replication forks(Unidirectional & Bidirectional), Leading & lagging strand, RNA primers & Okazaki fragments


Unit III: 
  • RNA structure & types( mRNA, rRNA, tRNA)
  •  Transcription of prokaryotes
  •  (Idea about Polymerases)
  • Translation – Basic idea about  Protein synthesis in prokaryotes
  • Genetic code


Unit IV: 
  • Determination of Sex – Chromosomal mechanism & environmental influence, the sexual function of X &Y chromosome, Gyandromorphs, Genic Balance Theory
  • Sex linked inheritance in man & Drosophila, Y linked genes, Sex limited genes, Sex influenced genes
Unit V: 
  • Mutations- Chromosomal aberrations, Gene mutations
  • Human genetics- Chromosomal & single gene disorder, Genetics counseling, Amniocentesis
  • Eugenics & Euthenics
Essential Readings: 
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  • Genetics; Strickberger; Macmillan, Prentice Hall of India.
  • Principles of Genetics; Gardener, E,J; Wiley eastern, New Delhi.
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