Molecular Biology

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ZOL 213
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Chromosomes: Morphology, Chromonema, Chromomeres, Telomeres, Primary & secondary constrictions, Chromatids

Chromosome type- Polytene & Lampbrush


Chromosomal Organization: Euchromatin, Heterochromatin , Nucleosome concept


Nucleosides, Nucleotides


DNA structure(A, B, Z type)



Replication of prokaryotes (Semi-conservative mechanism: Experiments of Messelson & Stahl )

Prokaryotic Polymerases, Topoisomerases, Single stranded binding protein, Replication forks(Unidirectional & Bidirectional), Leading & lagging strand, RNA primers & Okazaki fragments


Brief Idea of Eukaryotic Replication



Prokaryotic Transcription: RNA Polymerases, Transcription factors.

  • Transcription termination
  • Mechanism of transcription
  • Post Transcriptional modification in RNA: Capping; Polyadenylation and splicing



Genetic Code

Prokaryotic translation

Translational Machinery

Translational Initiation, Elongation and termination


Essential Readings: 
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