Human genetics I (Practical)

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ZOL 324 D
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Course objectives
This course will enable the students to –
  1. Acquaint Hands on experience of Chromosomal preparation and karyotyping
  2. Explore to Culture Drosophila and identification of normal and mutant flies
  3. Appraise Experimental knowledge of DNA isolation, purification and quantification
  4. Describe about restriction endonucleases and electrophoresis
Course Outcomes (COs): 


Learning outcomes

(at course level)

Learning and teaching strategies

Assessment Strategies

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324 D


Human genetics I



Students will –

CO111: Perform Chromosomal preparation and karyotyping

CO112:Assess to Culture Drosophila in laboratory and identify normal and mutant flies

CO113: Isolate, purify and quantify DNA, use of Restriction endonucleases and Electrophoresis.

CO 114: Explore EcoRI digestion of total DNA.


Approach in teaching:

Practical, Reading assignments, Demonstration


Learning activities for the students:

Practical  knowledge, Effective questions, Seminar presentation


Class test

Semester end examinations

Viva voce



Identification of normal and mutant flies ( Drosophila melanogaster) Preparation of Drosophila polytene Chromosomes (temporary and permanent preparations)
Drosophila genetic crosses
Chromosome preparation from mouse bone marrow and human blood lymphocytes G-banding
Identification of inactivated X chromosome as Barr body and drumstick
Genomic DNA isolation and purification from the nuclei and quantitation of DNA by spectrophotometer.
EcoRI digestion of total DNA and separation of fragments by agarose gel Electrophoresis
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