Genetics & Biostatistics

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ZOL 214
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Mendelian inheritance patterns & laws of heredity

Co and incomplete dominance

Interactions of Genes- Supplementary, Complementary, Duplicate, Epistasis(dominant & recessive)

Multiple alleles-Coat colour in rabbit, Human blood group-ABO & Rh

Gene expression- Lethal genes, Pleiotropic genes

Multiple genes- Seed coat in wheat, skin colour in human




Linkage & linkage maps

Crossing over- Mechanism, theories, Cytological detection & significance

Cytoplasmic inheritance

Human genetics- Chromosomal & single gene disorder, Genetics counseling, Amniocentesis

Eugenics & Euthenics




Determination of Sex – Chromosomal mechanism & environmental influence, the sexual function of X &Y chromosome, Gyandromorphs, Genic Balance Theory,

Sex linked inheritance in man & Drosophila, Y linked genes, Sex limited genes, Sex influenced genes

Mutations- Chromosomal aberrations, Gene mutations




Introduction, scope and application of Biostatistics

Frequency distribution

Graphical presentation of data (bar diagram, frequency polygon, histogram, pie chart)




Mean. mode, median and their significance

Standard deviation ,variance and coefficient of variance

Tests of significance- t-test(1 population & 2 population test), Chi-square( independence of attributes)

Essential Readings: 
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