General Physiology

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ZOL 401
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Unit I: 


      Physiology of digestion in the alimentary canal and Role of hormone in digestion; Absorption of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids.


Unit II: 


Composition & Function of Blood , Coagulation, Hemostasis, Structure of Heart,  Origin and conduction of the cardiac impulse, Cardiac cycle, ECG.

Unit III: 


Mechanism & control of Breathing, Respiratory quotient, Respiratory volumes and capacity,  Transport of oxygen and Carbon dioxide in blood.


Structure & Function of Kidney and nephrons , Mechanism of urine formation, Counter-current Mechanism, Hormonal regulation of water & electrolyte balance.

Unit IV: 

 Nervous system

Structure of a neuron,

Transmission of nerve impulse (resting membrane potential, Graded potential, Origin of Action potential and its propagation in myelinated and non-myelinated nerve fibres),Synapse physiology.

Muscular system

Structure & types of muscle,Ultra-structure of skeletal muscle, Molecular and chemical basis of muscle contraction.

Unit V: 

Endocrine System

Biochemical Nature of Hormones ,Structure and function of pituitary, thyroid, Thymus, Parathyroid, pancreas and adrenal

 Physiology of male reproduction: hormonal control of spermatogenesis;

 Physiology of female reproduction: hormonal control of menstrual cycle

Essential Readings: 
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  • Text Book of Medical Physiology; Chatterjee, M.N and Shinde, R.; Jaypee brothers.
  • General and Comparative Animal Physiology, Hoar, W.S. Prentice Hall of Indian.
  • Animal Physiology: adaptation and Environment, Knut Schiemdt  Neilsen. Cambridge  Press, UK.
  • A regulatory Systems Approach. Strand, F.L. Physiology: Macmillan Publishing Co., New York.
  • Ganong. Review of medical physiology. 21 st edition, Lang medical Publications.
  • Keel et al., Samson Wright’s  Applied Physiology, 13 th Edition Oxford Press.
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  • AnimalPhysiology. R. W. Hill, G.A. Wyse and M. Anderson, Sinauer, New York.
  • An Introduction to Animal Physiology, Ian Kay, Bios scientific Pub., Oxford, UK.
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