Ethology & Applied Zoology

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ZOL 422
Unit I: 

Introduction of Ethology:-

  • Aims of Behavioural research
  • Diversity of animal behaviour
  • Historical perspective

Concepts of Ethology

  • Fixed Action Pattern
  • ASE
  • Sign Stimulus
  • Innate Releasing Mechanism
Unit II: 

Brain and behaviour

Behavioural genetics

Reproductive behaviour patterns:-

  • Courtship and Mating
  • Stickleback behaviour
  • Parental care
Unit III: 

Social organization

  • Dominance hierarchies and Territoriality

Animal communication

  • Dance language of Honey bee

Migration: Fish (Catandromous and Anandromous), Birds
Orientation: Taxes and Kinesis

Unit IV: 


  • Definition and forms
  • Imprinting

Human Ethology –General aspects

Unit V: 

Elementary Knowledge of :-


  • Mulberry sericulture: Cultivation of food plants ,Bioecology of mulberry silkworms, Rearing of silkworm, Harvesting and processing of cocoons, Reeling appliances, Disease of Bombyx mori, Predators and parasitoids of silkworm and their management.
  • Apiculture

Kinde of Honeybees, Organization of bee colony, Life history and behaviour of bees, Diseases of Honeybees, Beekeeping methods, Equipment and  tools.

Apiary mamagement-Hiving a colony, Controlling swarming, Handling bees, Extraction of honey and wax, Bee products


  • Lac culture

Lac insect and its life history, Host plant mamangement, Strains of lac insects, 

Propagation of lac  insects, Lac crop mamangement, natural enimies of lac insects and their management, Lac extraction.

  • Pisciculture

Fresh water culivable fishes and their aquaculture prophile: Indian major carps,Exotic carps,Ctafishes, Tilapia, achanna etc.

Types of culture in India.

Fishes deseases , Fin Rot, Whitespot, Dropsy, cloudy eye, ulcers,


  • Poultry keeping

Poultry science, maintenace and mamagemets

  • Dairy industry

Elements of Pest control

Basic concepts in dairy sciences: semen collection and preservation:  artificial insemenation,; multiple ovulation and embryo transfer

Different breeds of cattles, Integrated pest control

Essential Readings: 
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  3.  Animal Sodieties and Evolution : Scientific Ameridan Publications
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