Ethology And Evolution

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ZOL 601
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Unit I: 
  • Chemical origin of Life
  • Lamarckism & Darwinism
  • Neo- Lamarckism & Neo-Darwinism
  • Elementary idea of Hardy-Weinberg Law(Factor affecting)
Unit II: 
  • Variation
  • Isolation and Speciation
  • Adaptations

Fossils, Geological division of the Earth crust, imperfection of fossil record

Unit III: 
  • Zoogeographical distribution: Principal zoogeographical regions of the world with reference to their   mammalian fauna
  • Continental drift
  • Study of Extinct forms: Dinosaurs, Archaeopteryx
Unit IV: 
  • Introduction of Ethology (Contribution of Konrad Lorenz, Niko Tinbergen, Karl Von Frisch)
  • Concept of Ethology: Fixed action pattern, Sign stimulus, Innate releasing mechanism, Action specific energy, motivation, imprinting & learning
Unit V: 
  • Methods of studying brain behaviour(Laboratory): Neuroanatomical, Neurophysiological, Neurochemical techniques


  • Societies: Characteristics & advantages
  • Social behavior of Ants, Birds, Monkeys and Lion
  • Elementary idea of role of Pheromones


Essential Readings: 


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