Environmental Toxicology (Practical)

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ZOL 324 C
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Course objectives:
This course will enable the students to –
  1. Appraise Experimental knowledge of various methods used for measuring toxicity
  2. Develop skills of various techniques involved in analysis of toxicants
  3. Discover about developmental toxicity
Course Outcomes (COs): 


Learning outcomes

(at course level)

Learning and teaching strategies

Assessment Strategies

Paper Code

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ZOL 324   

(C )

Environmental Toxicology (Practical)

Students will –


CO106: Develop Experimental skills of various methods used for measuring toxicity


CO107: Determine techniques involved in analysis of toxicants


CO108: Analyze causes and effects of developmental toxicity

CO109: Explore information on mutagenicity.

CO110: Learn Different types of Chromatography.

Approach in teaching:

Practical, Reading assignments, Demonstration


Learning activities for the students:

Practical  knowledge, Effective questions, Seminar presentation

●       Class test

●       Semester end examinations

●       Viva voce





  • Measuring Toxicity

  • Study of Acute, Subchronic and Chronic toxicity on the Stored grain pests.

  • Histopathological study in Mammal / Insect (cockroach) after application of known toxicants

  • Haematological studies

  • Bio-chemical studies

  • Analysis of Toxicants by Chromatography

  • Paper

  • TLC

  • GC

  • Ames Test for mutagenicity

  • Study of developmental toxicity by using chick embryos

  • Spots Viva

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