Endocrinology and Reproductive Biology

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ZOL 412
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Classification of hormones and mechanism and effects of hormonal actions.

  • Brief account of structural ,histology of endocrine gland:




·      Gland and its relation to Hypothalamus

  • Their Secretions and Functions
  • Deficiency Disorders

Biosynthesis and secretion of adrenal, pancreas (insulin), and thyroid hormones, Thymus, factors influencing hormone secretions

  • Deficiency Disorders
  • Male Reproductive Physiology
  • Hormonal regulation of gametogenesis in male and female of mammals
  • Female Reproductive Physiology
  • Estrous cycle in rat and menstrual cycle of human
  • Physiology of  Pregnancy, Parturition and Lactation
Essential Readings: 
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