Ecology & Biostatistics

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ZOL 602
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Unit I: 
  • Autecology & Synecology
  • Abiotic Factors of Environment—Temperature, light , Pressure
  • Substratum-Soil as a substratum
  • Biogeochemical cycles-Nitrogen, Carbon, Water & Sulphur
  • Populations- Characteristics, Regulation of densities, growth curves
Unit II: 
  • Intraspecific & interspecific relationships
  • Niche concept
  • Predation & parasitism- Concept, Host- parasite relationship
  • Communities – Succession, Biome, Ecotone, Edge effect
Unit III: 
  • Ecosystem- Components of ecosystem, energy flow, ecological pyramids, Food chain, Food web
  • Habitat Ecology-
  • Aquatic- Fresh Water, Marine
  • Terrestrial-Desert ,Forest
  • Wildlife management, conservation of non- renewable resources
  • Environmental pollution – Air, Water & Soil pollutants, Global warming, Pollution control strategies
Unit IV: 
  • Introduction, scope and application of Biostatistics
  • Frequency distribution
  • Graphical presentation of data (bar diagram, frequency polygon, histogram, pie chart)
Unit V: 
  • Mean. mode, median and their significance
  • Standard deviation ,variance and coefficient of variance
Essential Readings: 
  • Biostatistics; Gupta, S.P.; Sultan Chand & Co.
  •  Fundamentals of ecology; Odum, E.P.; W.B.Saunders, New Delhi.
  • Ecology. Gary Miller, Robert, E. Riclefs. W.H. Freeman, USA.
  • Elements of Ecology, 5 Ed Robert Leo Smith et al. Harper Collins.
  • Environmental Biology (Cambridge Advanced Sciences) Michael Reiss.
  • Ladern,D. Modelling in Behavioural Ecology.
  • The Encyclopedia of Animal Ecology, P.D. Moore (Ed), Equinox (Oxford) Ltd., England.
  • Ecology and Field Biology, Robert L Smith, Harper CollinsPub, New York.
  • Textbook of Ecology, G.T. Miller and S. Spoolman, Brookes Cole, England.
  • Bencroft, H. Introduction to Biostatistics Harper and Row. New York, 1957.
  • Bailey, N.T.J. Statistical method in Biology Low Priced Text Book English Language Society, London, 1959.
  • Dunn. O J., Basic Statistics: A Primer for the biomedical science John Wiley & Sons. Inc. New York, 1964.
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