Cancer and Radiation Biology I (Practical)

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ZOL 324 A
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Course objectives:
This course will enable the students to -
  1. Deduce Knowledge and use of various instruments.
  2. Explore about various chromosomal aberrations and physical half life of given isotope
  3. Inspect histopathology of various types of cancers. 
Course Outcomes (COs):


Learning outcomes

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Learning and teaching strategies

Assessment Strategies

Paper Code

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ZOL 324 (A)



Cancer And Radiation Biology I


Students will –

CO97: Explore use of various instruments like Geiger muller counter, Scintillation counter etc

CO98: Investigate various chromosomal aberrations in bone marrow of mice


CO99: Interpret histopathological changes involved in various types of cancers.

CO100: Explore different aspects of Isotopes.

Approach in teaching:

Practical, Reading assignments, Demonstration


Learning activities for the students:

Practical  knowledge, Effective questions, Seminar presentation


Class test

Semester end examinations

Viva voce



  • Study and quantitation of chromosomal aberrations in bone marrow of mice.
  • Study of micronuclei in bone marrow of mice
  • Knowledge & use of various instruments , Geiger muller counter, Scintillation counter, Single channel Gamma Spectrometer
  • Finding out the physical half life of a given isotope
  • Single isotope method
  • From a mixture of two isotopes
  • Study of histopathological slides of various types of cancers.
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