Biological Tools and Techniques

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ZOL 313
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 Magnification and Resolving Power

  • Light (bright-field, dark-field and phase contrast)
  •  Electron (SEM and TEM)
  • Fluorescence Microscope

Principles and use of analytical instruments: centrifugation, spectrophotometer, pH meter.


Principles of Chromatography (Paper,TLC and Liquid-liquid ),

Electrophoresis (Agarose and PAGE)




The Internet and the Biologists

The Gene bank sequence database

Structure data base

Sequence analysis using GCG

Information retrieval from Biological database

NCBI data  model

Sequence Alignment and database searching Practical aspects of multiple sequence alignment

Phylogenetic analysis


Computer Basics

MS-Office: MS. Word, Power Point and Excel

Hardware and Software


Network Concepts(LAN,WAN)


Web Servers, Web Access

Essential Readings: 

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