Bioinformatics, Computer Applications & Quantitative Biology

Paper Code: 
ZOL 322
Unit I: 
  • The Gene bank sequence database
  • Structure data base
  • Sequence analysis
  • Sequence Alignment and database searching
  • Practical aspects of multiple sequence alignment


Unit II: 
  • Phylogenetic analysis
  • Information retrieval from Biological database
  • NCBI data  model
  • Predictive methods using Protein sequences
  • Predictive methods using Nucleotide sequences
  • ACEDB:A database for genome information
  • Submitting DNA sequence to the database


Unit III: 

Computer Basics

  • MS-Office
  • Operating Systems (Unix and DOS)
  • Hardware and Software
  • Multimedia
  • Network Concepts (LAN, WAN)
  • Internet
  • Web Servers, Web Access
  • Security
Unit IV: 
  • Matrices and vectors (General idea – addition, subtraction, Scalar multiplication, multiplication of matrices)
  • Exponential functions (definition & Graph)
  • Periodic Functions (definition & Graph)
  • Differentiation ( Rules of differentiation)
  •  Integration (Rules of indefinite & definite integration)
Unit V: 
  • Central tendency-Mean, median and mode
  • Graphical & diagrammatic representation( pie chart, bar diagram, histogram, frequency polygon, frequency curve)
  • Measures of dispersion, range, Q.D, standard deviation and coefficient of variation
  • Probability distribution(Elementary idea about)
  • Elementary idea of sampling distribution
  • Standard error
  • Tests of significance- t-test(1 population & 2 population test), Chi-square( independence of attributes)
  •  Simple correlation (Karl Pearson method) & regression

ANOVA( 1 way & 2 way classification)

Essential Readings: 
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