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ZOL 302
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Unit I: 


  • Classification, Metabolism- Glycolysis, Kreb’s cycle , gluconeogenesis, Hexose monophosphate pathway & Oxidative phosphorylation.
  • Interconversion of glycogen and glucose in liver
Unit II: 


  • Classification , Metabolism- Biosynthesis of Palmitic acid, Beta-oxidative pathway of fatty acids
Unit III: 


 Primary and Secondary structure of Proteins, Amino acids-Structure;

Catabolism of amino acids- Oxidative Deamination, Transamination,  Decarboxylation, Synthesis of Urea (Ornithine cycle)

Unit IV: 
  • pH and Buffers
  • Bioenergetics (Thermodynamic laws and ATP);
  • Vitamins

 Fat soluble & Water soluble vitamins (Source, Function and Deficiency)

Unit V: 
  • Enzymes: Classification

  • Mechanism of Enzyme action, activation energy

  • Kinetics (Michaelis-Menten Equation)

  • Factors affecting enzyme action

  • Enzyme Inhibition

Essential Readings: 
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  • Textbook of Medical Biochemistry; Ramakrishnan, S. Prasanan, K.G and Rajan, R; Orient Longman, Madras
  • Conn, E.E. and Stuff, P.K. Outlines of Biochemistry, John Wiley New York.
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