Applied Zoology

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ZOL 414
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Unit I: 
Unit I

Brief accounts of life history, mode of infection and pathogenicity

  • Enterobis vermicularis (pin worm)
  • Trichuris trichiura (whip worm)
  • Paragonimus westermani (lung fluke)
  • Schistosoma mansoni (blood fluke)
Unit II: 
Unit II

Arthropods as vectors of Human diseases

  • Anopheles: Malaria
  •  Aedes: Dengue
  • Household insects:Cockroach, Housefly, Pediculus, Bedbug, Ants, Termite, Spider
Unit III: 
Unit III
  • Insects pest of economically important crops and their control: Grain Pest: Rhizopertha, Sitophilus, Tribolium, Trogoderma, Callosobruchus
  • Brief idea of IPM
  • Rat menace and its control
Unit IV: 
Unit IV


Fresh water cultivable fishes and their aquaculture profile: Indian Major Carps (IMC), Exotic Carps (EC), Cat-fishes, Tilapia, Channa etc. 

Types of culture in India

Fish diseases: Fin rot, whit spot, Dropsy, cloudy eye, ulcers

Poultry Keeping

Poultry science: Maintenance and management

Dairy farming

Basic concepts in dairy science: Semen collection & preservation; artificial insemination; multiple ovulation and embryo transfer

Different breeds of Cattle


Leather industry

Wool industry

Pharmaceuticals from animals

Essential Readings: 


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