DEPARTMENTAL LIBRARY: The students have an easy access to books and journals through the Departmental library. The Departmental library has good collection of books in Zoology and other related fields which can be used by the students. Journals like the International Journal of Toxicology, Journal of Environmental Studies and several othes are being subscribed by the college library, in which the articles of related fields are published.

REGISTERED ANIMAL HOUSE: Animal house with registration no. 1689/PO/Re/S/13/CPCSEA


COMPUTER FACILITY: The computer and internet facilities are available at the Department of Zoology for ease of access of data and other records. National Knowledge Network provides a high-speed 1 Gbps Internet connectivity in the laboratories round the clock along with the Wi-fi facility on campus.

EQUIPMENTS AND LABORATORIES: The department has well-equipped laboratories for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate, two other laboratories for M.Phil and Ph.D along with a common animal house.

The latest equipments present in the laboratories are:

S.No. Name of the Equipments
1. Incubator
2. Magnetic Stirrer
3. SDS Page
4. Homogenizer (with Motor)
5. Binocular Advanced Research Microscope
6. Digital pH meter
7. Digital colorimeter cyclo mixer laminar airflow Microtome
8. Electronic balance
9. Electrophoresis (Horizontal)
10. Soxhlet’s Apparatus
11. Soil and water analysis kit
12. TLC with chamber
13. Refrigerator
14. BOD incubator
15. Microscopes
16. Dissecting microscopes
17. Binocular research microscope
18. Trinocular research microscope
19. pH- meter
20. Microscope with digital camera
21. Auto clave
22. Laminar Air flow
23. Binocular microscope
24. Egg Incubator + Humidity controller
25. Research centrifuge machine
26. Incubator – Orbital shaker
27. Nano Drop Spectrophotometer 2000
28. Bacteriological Incubator
29. Water Purification System
30. Electronic Weighing Balance
31. Cyclo Mixer
32. Stereoscopic Microscope
33. PCR Machine
34. Gel Doc System
35. Chromatographic Column
36. Micropipette
37. Slide warming Table
38. Deep Freezer
39. Micowave oven
40. Haemocytometer
41. Haemoglobinometer
42. Biochemical analyzer
43. Mini submarine electrophoresis unit
44. mini dual vertical electrophoresis unit
45. Phase Contrast Microscope
46. Portable pH meter
47. Oculometer
48. Oven
49. Qubec Colony Counter